We try to be as upfront as possible.

For pricing, we have 2 methods for when we design our websites. We have a recurring method that includes a flat fee and a monthly/yearly fee. And a one-time method where you pay 1 price and you maintain and host the website after we design it.


Flat Fee

I cannot give a definitive number on flat fees without knowing your needs for a website because all websites are built differently!

Monthly Fee

The monthly fee is fixed for all websites designed. A 35$ monthly fee covers all maintenance work on the website such as necessary updates, theme changes, picture swaps, and any other work you would like done on the website throughout the month. The fee also covers nation-wide hosting and the domain name you get for your website.

Yearly Fee

If you would rather pay a yearly fee, you can get 5% off of the normal monthly fee making it 400$ a year!


The one-time fee depends on your website. One-time fees usually start at $500 and go up from there depending on the complexity of your website and the components you need in your website. For the one-time fee you maintain the website and pay for the hosting and domain name for it, so all updates and changes made to the website must be done by you. I can give instructions and any questions you may have for that. Any work that you are not able to do and need my assistance for can be done for 20$ per hour of work.


If you would like to contact me about designing a website for you, please message me through the page here: https://makwebdesign.com/contact/