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Introducing our new pricing option: Budget

Our budget pricing option is the best option for businesses that want a professional-grade website without the professional price. The budget option offers many advantages to our normal basic tier pricing. The pricing is simple. $200 down for designing the website and publishing online for you with basic SEO work. Yes, $200.  Along with the $200 down payment, a 2-year contract for $50 per month will be required. This $50 monthly fee will cover all hosting costs and domain cost to keep your website online. This $50 DOES NOT include maintanance work or monthly SEO work. These can be added to the contract for an agreed upon price depending on the website’s needs. If you would like to set up your dream website today, use the contact form below to reach out to a web design agent!

Our 4-Step System

Step 1. Contact.

Initial contact is extremely important becuase that is what starts the process! You can get the ball rolling with your dream website by filling out the contact form below or by scheduling a phone meeting with an agent using the interactive calendar below!

Step 2. Proposal.

After the initial contact and our first meeting/conversation, you will recieve a custom-to-you proposal that lays out everything in detail about what you will receive, what you will pay for, and loose timeframes for the project. Once this is signed, we will move onto the next step.

Step 3. Demo.

After the proposal is signed, I will begin working on your website in a staging environment so I can show you what the website will look like BEFORE you pay any money. This is so you get peace of mind knowing your website is going the way you want it to. Once the demo is completed and approved, the down payment will be due and then we will move on to the final stage.

Step 4. Launch.

After the demo is approved and the down payment is payed, I will begin working on getting the website moved onto your domain and hosting to make your site live. After your site is live, I will work on the SEO of your website by getting the website manually crawled by Google and completing keyword optimization on your website. The remaining 75% is due after the website goes live either in one payment or through the payment plan laid out in the pricing portion of this page.

What We Offer


Web Design

After hours of hard work, we make sure that our websites suit the needs and desires of you and your business. We also include tools that are used to generate leads for your company in our design to insure that you are getting the most out of your investment in a website.

Mobile Responsive

Since the rise of smart phones, mobile devices have become the leading device for people visiting the internet. Whether it is finding your menu quickly, or searching for your location, we know it is important for you to have an amazing website both on the desktop and mobile. That is why we spend time making sure your mobile site looks amazing as well.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (search engine optimization) is what is used to get your company to the top of search engines such as Google and Bing. We use tools and special keywords that have proven to be successful for our other clients and that will be successful for your company.

eCommerce Ready

If you need an online store, you have come to the right place. We are very experienced with setting up websites for clothing brands to dropshipping websites and everything in between. We will make sure that your website pushes your brand and your products while making your company the star of the show.

Nation-Wide Hosting

We offer nation-wide hosting with incredible up-time to insure your users (and potential clients) have the best experience while getting to know your company. Besides, who wants to look at a spinning circle for minutes?

Friendly Customer Support

Above all, we value customer service and put as our top priority. That is why we strive to offer quick, reliable support for your website by providing a beautiful design, and being available to add content, correct mistakes, and problem solve any time you need. We are here for YOU!









**  All pricing can be put on a payment plan as follows:

   25% down payment and up-to 12 payments until balance is met.

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Working with MAK means becoming a part of MAK. We would love to talk with you and to know how we can make your business work smoother. You can fill out this form and you have an option to schedule a meeting with an agent as well! After filling out this form, you will also be able to see our pricing structure.

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