Websites Are Key

Websites are key to any business because of three major components. These components are visibility, expandability, and credibility.


Websites offer many things to businesses that can be helpful in many different ways. Visibility is debatably one of the most important offerings a website can provide. The internet was used by 4.48 billion people in 2019, which is 58 percent of the world’s population. That is INSANE. This does not mean that 4.48 billion people will visit your website, but tools can be used to maximize the number of potential customers that visit your website. This will tie into the expandability portion of the post a little later on. This means that you can reach people that have never seen or heard of your business before.

Also, a website might be one of the best investments you will ever make. This is because a website is one of the cheapest options to reach new people. Imagine having an endless supply of business cards, postcards, calling centers, and ad placements that are reaching people 24/7. This is essentially what you get with a website. Sure you have to put some work into it, but once you do, the website will work for you. It is a simple fact that most small businesses will spend $10k-$50k a year on ad spending alone. And this is every year. A website is usually one upfront fee with a small monthly fee. This is an exponentially better investment than putting money into advertisements, which is something we will talk about a little later. But first, let’s talk about expandability.


A website is like Mary Poppin’s bag. A never-ending pool of new ideas and concepts. Anything you can think of can most likely be done with some time or investment. Just think about the things you can do for your business. If you are a photographer, you can implement a booking system that allows people to make down payments from your websites to book you. If you have physical products, you can sell them on your website. If you are hiring, you can have a contact form to take in resumes and CVs and meet with potential employees. This just barely scrapes the surface of the iceberg that is a website.

What else you may be asking. Remember the 4.48 billion people we were talking about in the visibility section? Yeah, that is worldwide. That means you can take your business worldwide. That means you can be seen by exponentially more people than you are now. You can also expand to other services or products more easily than if you have just physical locations. A website means quicker changes that lead to quicker knowledge that you are doing things better.

Now, let’s talk about credibility.


Credibility is another topic that is in the debate about the most important things for your business along with visibility. You may be wondering “How does a website help with my credibility?”. Well, I am glad you asked. According to a recent study, 56% of people won’t trust a company that does not have a website. This also shows that people have a huge impression from your website. That means that an old, poorly designed, broken, or outdated website reflects negatively on you and your business. That is why you need to either constantly be updating your website, or pay someone to constantly update your website.

With all of these factors taken into account, if you would like to have a website designed, hosted, or managed. Contact us at or 2252746235. We would be delighted to design or manage your website for you.