Through my time as a web designer, I have struggled with many things and have had many obstacles to overcome. Most of these I have overcome, but there is one thing that I still come back to. It comes and goes and then comes back again. This thing is imposter syndrome.

If you are unaware, this is not an actual disease or medical condition. It is a feeling of not being good enough. Like you are wearing a mask to make your self look better. This often is followed by constant anxiety of not meeting expectations. This can be a deep hole to try to get out of, but I have since developed a mindset to dig out of this hole that has trapped so many before me. If you are in this hole, I hope I can help you out of it as well.

This feeling is really just a mindset. And overcoming a mindset seems easy, just think different things, but I know that unfortunately, it is not that simple. This feeling can take over your thoughts and control your actions to the point of almost quitting. And, while I said it is not as easy as changing your thoughts, it is. Although it is not a quick and simple way, unless you have a ton of people telling you otherwise, you have to be pretty decent at what you do. Just Google some of the restaurants in your area. You will be able to tell pretty quickly what places are good and what places are bad just by peoples’ opinions. People love to express their opinion on others work, so if you are not getting complaints about your work, then you must be doing something right.

This was the first thought that made me realize that this was not me vs. some outside force like I thought was the case. It is actually just me vs. myself. 9 times out of 10 your biggest enemy is your own self. This self-destruction is very hard to get by. What I had to do was make my biggest enemy into my biggest supporter.

“If you think you can, you know you can”. I always thought this was a terrible statement because no matter how much I thought I was xyz doesn’t make me that. But this statement does have some underlying truth to it. As I said before, you are usually your own biggest enemy. The only way to counteract that fact is to start building yourself up. You can do this by working harder to get that job, studying more to pass that test, or doing more to learn a new skill. Turning the ” I can’t” mentality into “I can” will be the best thing to overcome this imposter syndrome. You can do just about anything nowadays anyway.

With the rise of technology and the generation of information we live in, You can do just about anything that you can type into Google. Any skill, teacher, or resource can be found at your fingertips. So what is stopping you from learning to do something new like playing the guitar? If you were to ask me 5 years ago if I was going to have my own company and be doing web design, I would have thought you were crazy. It was not until I took the initiative to go out and learn before I was able to get to that point.

So, saying you can’t is not a good enough excuse. Saying you are not good enough is not a good excuse either because, in order to truly become good at something, you should always be seeking to become better than you were yesterday. And once you turn yourself from an enemy to a competitor, you will see a huge increase in not only your positive thinking, but also your productivity, education, and overall skill level as a professional in your field.

Once you overcome yourself, the rest is history.

I hope this helped you get a little insight into how to rework your thoughts on yourself and your success. If so, leave a comment about what helped you the most and if you think you have something to help others, leave that below as well.

Have a great day!